Press Release

Earth Liberation Front Torches Slaughterhouse in Santiago, Chile

On Monday, November 23, at 11:50 pm, we installed an incendiary device in a slaughterhouse (located in the immediate vicinity of Juan Cristóbal, comuna de Recoleta) activated by an easily operated timer. The objective was not to burn the place completely, but to cause damage to a freezer soiled with death and torture.

We believe that direct action is largely the way to propagate an idea in a practical way, and with an increase of attacks on capital in all its expressions; the state, prison, laboratories, cages, and no end of targets.

Because of this we decided to carry out this action, during the international week of agitation for prisoners, given that we identify authority and the exploitation of the land and its beings as the great common enemy of all the battles of anti-authoritarian insurrection.

We also want to salute and send fraternal embraces to the imprisoned comrades around the world, especially Pablo and Matías, Axel Osorio, Cristian Cancino, Pompo Da Silva and to all those sequestered and tortured for capital, be they human or non-human animals.
Also to salute and send much strength and energy to those comrades at war in Mexico, Spain, Greece, Italy the U.S., and throughout the world, that their attack will be each time more constant and effective against all authority.

As they say, “The earth is not dying, it is being killed and the killers have names and addresses”.

Lastly we want to dedicate this and other actions to those comrades and brothers Diego Rios and Mauricio Morales (we send much affection and hugs, Fuerza Dieguito, may your steps be firm and and your footprints invisible). In our hearts is the seed of insurrection Punky Mauri!