Press Release

Earth Liberation Front Threatens Future Actions of Environmental Protection in Graffiti Left on Buildings in WA

Maltby, WA The underground environmental protection group, Earth Liberation Front (ELF) left a strong warning in Washington State this week, spray-painting a message on industrial buildings in the City of Maltby.

The message, left specifically for the Master Builder’s Association and Andy Skotdal, owner of Everett’s KRKO-AM 1380 radio station, stated:

” MBA KRKO/Snotdol Empire. If you continue to risk killing children, mother earth and her creations, all your holdings are targets. Rise up earth children, ever, ever, ever, ever so carefully. They watch everything. The time is now. Authentic ELF? Ask ATF/FBI about restricted water mains. Little water, better burn. ELF.”

On September 4, the ELF knocked down two radio towers owned by Skotdal and KRKO near Everett, WA, leaving a banner claiming responsibility. Previously, on March 3, 2008, the ELF was responsible for burning three homes in the Woodinville, WA Street Of Dreams, inflicting $7 million in damages.

” We believe this is a strong warning directed specifically to the Skotdal family and the Master Builder’s Association,” stated Tomas Peterson, a spokesperson for the Earth Liberation Front Press Office. “If these entities continue to threaten the health and welfare of the planet, it is very likely we will see future actions by the ELF.”

The Earth Liberation Front is an international environmental protection movement that uses direct action in the form of economic sabotage to remove the profit motive from environmental destruction. Existing since the mid-1990s, the ELF has inflicted well over $150 million in damages to corporations and governmental agencies that profit from the destruction of the environment.

” The ELF takes action to stop the ecoterrorism caused by industries and governments who are more concerned with financial gain than they are with the health of their children, of their citizens, wildlife and planet,” Peterson continued. “Only when all of the corporate and governmental ecoterrorists have ended their destructive practices will the ELF be satisfied.”

The North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office is a legal news organization reporting on the covert direct actions committed by the Earth Liberation Front.